Japanese Autumn Festival

Clad in vibrant costumes the 19 members of Yasakoi Soran Dance Team from Hokkaido, Japan entertain the crowd with their powerful Japanese traditional and modern dance performance during the 22nd Japanese Autumn Festival celebration at the Garapan Central Park.

Navaratri Durga Puja

HINDU FESTIVAL: Hindu priest Haridas Chakrabarty conducts a ritual in honor of the Hindu goddess Durga inside the Radha Krishna Temple in Chalan Kanoa. Members of the CNMI Hindu community observed their biggest religious annual festival “Navaratri Durga Puja”, which is an important Hindu Festival celebrated all over India with different rituals and festivities. It is a celebration of life, culture, popular customs and traditions.

CNMI's first Blessing of Pets

More than two dozen dogs and a handful of cats receive their blessings from Fr. Ryan Jimenez of the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa during the CNMI's first Blessing of Pets at the Mt. Carmel Cathedral. The Blessing of Pets is a worldwide celebration coinciding with the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, which falls every Oct. 4.

October 2007 Front page photos

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September front page photos

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

August Front page photos

Congressional Hearing

The Fight for Federalization

Awaodori Festival

Liberation Day Festival